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Welcome to our Renewed Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code App!

Welcome to our Renewed Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code App!

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Olya Kryvonos
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Dear Shopify merchants, we are happy to announce that our Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code app was updated to make it align with Polaris, Shopify's design system. Making our app’s design consistent with the Shopify ecosystem created a better user experience and made our app look even cleaner and crispier.


Polaris has comprehensive guidelines and principles that designers can use when building apps for Shopify. It includes a style guide, a UI kit, and a library of different patterns and components. All app developers use one design system to make a seamless look and feel regardless of the application.

Apart from the visual updates, we have enhanced the apps’ structure by adding new tabs and improving existing ones. For example, we created the Logs tab for better control of customers’ requests. Also, we have added a Support tab to make our support even more accessible. There, you will find links to useful informational sources and notifications if any updates happen. You will also be able to drop a message to our support specialist without leaving the app!

Another update is that Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code is available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

What the application does

Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code app does right what it says in the title - calculates delivery rates for zip codes. With the app, your store can quickly generate customer delivery rates based on where your customers are and to which delivery zone they belong. The app works perfectly, either with one or multiple locations. Thus, the app lets you fully control where, how and at which price you deliver your products.

Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code has a comprehensive set of features to cover different approaches to delivery rate calculation:

  • Rates calculation based on the zip code.
  • Support for multiple zones.
  • Weight or price-based rates.
  • Exact, partial, or advanced wildcard (for the UK) zip code matching.
The app's structure

The app’s interface consists of five tabs: Dashboard, Logs, Zones and rates, Settings, and Support. In the Dashboard tab, you will see a setup guide on starting to work with the app and on how to test your delivery rates. In Logs, you will find the history of all rate calculation requests, which is very helpful for checking if everything works correctly and for troubleshooting if not. In the Zones and rates tab, you will be able to manage your zones that cover the zip codes of your choice and enable the function which makes customers leave their phone numbers at checkout. In Settings, you can choose the level of zip code matching: exact, partial, or advanced wildcard matching designed especially for UK stores. Also, in Setting, you can get your API key for integration with Store Pickup + Delivery or Bespoke Shipping. And finally, in the Support tab, you will find a link to our Help Center and the contact information of our support team.

What merchants say about Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code

Inspired Go is healthy food delivered to your doorstep. The brand offers a variety of nutritional meals while caring about sustainability.

“We're now in Vancouver, Saskatoon, and we're about to launch Edmonton. So restricting our customers from being able to order by postal code has been an essential piece of the functionality of the website. Customers use Zapiet to basically type in their postal codes before checking out and see if there's an available delivery window for their city or a delivery option.”

Another merchant that uses Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code is The Furniture Factory. They produce high-quality furniture that helps customers make their homes genuine expressions of their individuality. Since they are based in the UK, they found advanced wildcard matching beneficial for their business.

“With Shopify not able to configure UK postcodes, this app, and its advanced wildcard matching feature is perfect for making sure your delivery goes to the right postcode areas. The app is easy to understand, and the support team was quick to respond and help with any assistance I required.”

To learn more about the app, visit our site or take advantage of the 30-day free trial, and see how the app can work for your business.