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Welcome to our Renewed Zapiet - Rates by Distance App!

Welcome to our Renewed Zapiet - Rates by Distance App!

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Dear Shopify merchants, we are happy to announce that our application Zapiet - Rates by Distance was updated to make it align with the Shopify design system Polaris. Our app’s design is consistent with the Shopify ecosystem, which creates a better user experience and makes our apps look even cleaner and crispier.


Polaris is a design system with comprehensive guidelines and principles that designers can use when building apps for Shopify. It includes a style guide, a UI kit, and a library of different patterns and components. The usage of one design system by all app developers is aimed to create a seamless look and feel regardless of the application to match the whole Shopify ecosystem.

Apart from the visual updates, we have enhanced the app’s structure by adding new tabs and improving existing ones. For instance, we modified the Logs tab to control customer requests better. Also, we have created a Support tab to make our support even more accessible. There  you will find links to useful informational sources and notifications if any updates happen. Also, you can drop a message to our support specialist without leaving the apps!

Another update is that Zapiet - Rates by Distance is available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

What the application does

Zapiet - Rates by Distance app does right what it says in the title - it calculates delivery rates based on the distance and shows them at checkout. With the app, your store can quickly generate delivery rates for customers based on how far they are from your physical locations and change the rates based on how big the total or heavy their orders are. Also, it works perfectly with multiply locations. Thus, the app lets you fully control where, how and at which price you deliver products.

Zapiet - Rates by Distance has a comprehensive set of features to cover different approaches to delivery rate calculation:

  • Rates calculation based on the distance: set how much you want to charge for each kilometre or mile.
  • Support of multiple locations.
  • Customisable calculation based on shortest or fastest driving route or straight line.
  • Weight or price-based rates.
  • Combination of a base fee plus a price per kilometre to cover the packaging fee.
  • Maximum delivery distance to avoid your customers ordering outside your delivery radius.
  • Manual overrides: add exceptions by setting specific prices for particular addresses.
  • Setting different rates for deliveries below and above the given price.
The app’s structure

The app’s interface consists of six tabs: Dashboard, Logs, Locations and rates, Exceptions, Settings, and Support. You will see a guide on testing your delivery rates and troubleshooting them in the Dashboard tab. In Logs, you will find the history of all rate calculation requests, which is very helpful for checking if everything works correctly and for troubleshooting. You can manage your locations and create rates for each in Locations and rates. You can enable a maximum delivery rate to ensure customers are not charged more than you want and turn on a function that makes your customers leave a phone number at checkout. In the Exceptions tab, you can add locations that get special delivery rates or get covered by your delivery even if they are not within your delivery radius. In Settings, you can choose route and address provider and get your API key for integration with Store Pickup + Delivery or Bespoke Shipping. And finally, in the Support tab, you will find a link to our Help Centre and the contact information of our support team.

What merchants say about Zapiet - Rates by Distance

Great Park Farm is a small family-run plant nursery, farm shop, and cafe running for over 30 years.

“We operate a local delivery service in a rural area, where we need to create specific delivery rates for our customers. The app works perfectly for us, and the customer service from the developers of this app is brilliant. They set the app up for us and have fixed any issues we've had along the way with lightning speed. Very impressed.”

Another store using Zapiet - Rates by Distance is Homestead Buildings & Sheds. The brand specialises in shed production for over 27 years.

“We were looking for an App that would specifically allow us to offer delivery to specific areas within our delivery range, without having to enter all of the zip codes we deliver to (which is thousands). We added weights to our products, to further define the delivery rate, which is such a cool feature. When we needed help with a workaround for a very specific delivery need, customer service replied quickly and helped us helped us find a tailored solution. All customer service have been super-friendly and patient beyond what is expected. We are still using the App and benefitting from it every sale. No glitches, no coding required, etc. This was the perfect solution for our business. Don't hesitate to try this App!”

To learn more about the app, visit our site or take advantage of the 30-day free trial, and see how the app can work for your business.