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Shopify POS

Shopify POS

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For what Shopify POS is recommended

Shopify POS is a fantastic point-of-sale system for any retail business, but it's especially recommended if you require a POS system that integrates with your e-store. Shopify provides anything you need to make your business more accessible, more effective, and profitable with seamless e-commerce integrations.

Shopify POS is handy for

  • New e-commerce and retail businesses: Shopify features all of the tools you'll need to launch a new multichannel business with in-store and online sales in one place and seamlessly ensure that your two sales channels work together.
  • Multichannel retailing: its POS functions are an add-on that allows internet businesses to sell via mobile or in-store. Shopify allows you to sync online and in-person sales, process curbside and pickup orders, start sales in-store and finish them online, accept custom payment types, manage a business from a centralised back-office tool, and sell on social media platforms TikTok and Instagram, among other things.
  • Inventory management across channels: Shopify's POS software features automated and comprehensive inventory management solutions. It offers a user-friendly interface that lets you use barcode scanners to make rapid counts, organise inventory, and track movement.

One thing to keep in mind concerning Shopify POS is that its functionalities require an e-commerce subscription. The free version of Shopify POS is included with all Shopify e-commerce subscriptions; however, to access Shopify's paid POS plan (Pro), you must have both an e-commerce subscription ($9–$299/month) and a POS subscription ($89/month per location).

Shopify POS Pricing

All Shopify e-commerce plans include Shopify POS Lite, ideal for hosting temporary storefronts like pop-up shops and farmer's markets. Those who wish to utilise Shopify POS for their brick-and-mortar enterprises, on the other hand, will almost certainly want to switch to the POS Pro plan and pay the $89 monthly price per location. Access to advanced capabilities like smart inventory management and in-store analytics is the critical difference between these two Shopify POS pricing schemes.

Shopify POS Lite and Shopify POS Pro plans comparison

Sign up for the Shopify Lite plan if you don't want to use Shopify as your e-commerce platform. For 9$ per month, this includes Shopify POS for sales and inventory management and the ability to add a Shopify "Buy Button" to third-party sites.

Shopify transaction fees

Shopify Payments is card payment solution that is available with each e-commerce plan. Transaction processing fees may vary depending on the type of the transaction and the Shopify e-commerce plan you may be using. Also, you can use third-party payment processors, but this costs additional fees.

Shopify Payments transaction fees
Shopify POS Features
  • Accept many payment types in a single transaction with split payment.
  • Create gift cards that can be redeemed in-store or online for your small business.
  • Create custom payment options, take partial payments, or accept deposits with custom payment options.
  • Refunds & store credit: for returns to your business, process refunds or offer store credit.
  • Multiple sales channels: sell online using Shopify, your website, or other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, eBay, and Amazon.
  • Custom sales: you can add custom line items at any time and price them in any way you want.
  • Discounts: give your customers a percentage or dollar amount discount at checkout.
  • Portable registers: because Shopify POS runs on your iPad or smartphone, you can easily hand it over to a customer and accept new orders from anywhere.
  • Custom receipts (Shopify POS Pro only): add vital details like store hours and policies to digital and printed receipts.
  • Automatic tax calculations: Shopify POS calculates sales tax for you based on your store's location.
  • Store customer shipping addresses and contact information.
  • Local delivery, curbside pickup, and a ship-to-customer option are all available, with shipping charges computed immediately upon checkout.
Store management
  • Multichannel sales management: manage offline and online sales with an omnichannel product search from a single location.
  • Accounting software integration: Shopify POS can work with accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero.
  • History of orders.
  • Accounts for many employees.
  • Staff roles (only for Shopify POS Pro): choose from preconfigured roles like "Associate," "Full Permissions," and "Limited Permissions" to create different employee positions with specific permissions.
  • Track your clients' shopping behaviours, purchasing patterns, and contact information with customer profiles.
  • Reporting: Shopify POS comes with analytical tools, like dashboards that track sales, orders, and traffic patterns.
  • Timeline: Shopify has a one-of-a-kind solution that allows staff to communicate and monitor store concerns right from the POS.
Product management
  • Product organisation supports a limitless number of items that can be organised in nearly any manner (by category, type, season, sale, etc.).
  • Shopify's updated inventory management allows you to classify products in various ways, keep track of stock levels, and track your best-selling items.
  • View inventory performance across locations in real time, and transfer inventory online or to different locations as needed.
  • Support for existing barcodes: each product can be assigned an existing barcode (or fitted with a new one).
Omnichannel selling
  • Email carts let customers browse online and buy in-store.
  • Product detail QR codes: use QR codes in your store that customers can scan with their phones to learn more about your products and buy them from your website.
  • Buy online, pick up in-store: manage and track all pickup orders placed online and notify customers when they’re ready.
  • Omnichannel returns & exchanges: customers can exchange purchases made online or at one of your retail stores at any of your business locations.

The Shopify POS feature set is robust, intelligent, and nearly comprehensive.

If your internet goes out while you're connected to the app, you can still use it to collect cash payments and create custom payment methods (using the iPad or iPhone version only). You can't accept credit cards, sync orders with inventory, add new products, or import offline products.


Check out the POS if you enjoy Shopify's e-сommerce platform. Shopify ticks all the boxes in a POS system, with unified multichannel selling, smart inventory management, customer profiling, order administration, reporting, analytics and an exceptionally straightforward and clear UI. Shopify also assists with the massive changes in the retail business by providing options such as curbside pickup and gift cards. Shopify has developed a POS system that can handle many sales channels and includes a free chip card reader, low-cost, flat-rate payment processing, and several connectors.

It has an excellent free plan, but brick-and-mortar businesses will probably want to upgrade to Shopify's POS Pro for an extra $89 per location for more advanced capabilities. Shopify POS is perfect for e-commerce shops that want to expand their physical presence and manage all of their online and offline activities in one place.

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