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Introducing Zapiet Australia Hub with Data

Introducing Zapiet Australia Hub with Data

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Jonathan Roque
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Zapiet reaches more than 10,000 Shopify merchants across the world! We couldn’t be prouder of Zapiet’s reach, our international remote team and the merchants we serve in different regions with different cultures and languages! Our goal is to begin to create regionally specific content that is local to a specific country that Zapiet operates in. With that, Zapiet welcomes you to the Australia Hub! Filled with content specific to our Australian merchants.  

Australia is the eleventh largest ecommerce market in the world and with no signs of slowing down as Shopify begins to expand their amazing expertise across different cities from Sydney to Perth and in between.  Ecommerce revenue is predicted to reach USD32.3 billion by 2024, “accounting for 9% of all retail trade in the Australian market.” With the pandemic changing shopping behaviors and introducing new services such as click and collect and local delivery, shoppers now have more ways to shop and for Shopify merchants, more opportunities to reach new customers.  

Learn about Omnichannel Retail in Australia with Shopify Experts:
Episode 1: Jordy Heis from Shopify:  

According to Shopify, shoppers want flexible shopping experiences. “Click-and-collect is continuing to grow in popularity with 23% of shoppers now opting for local pickup, compared to 17% before the pandemic.”

• Over half (52%) of consumers now expect that local businesses should offer click-and-collect.

• Free shipping is a valuable motivator with 46% of customers purchasing additional items to reach a minimum threshold and 74% of Australians identifying free, regular shipping as their method of choice.

Episode 2: Chris Vanderkolk from Marsello

The rise of new services doesn’t mean brick and mortar is going away, in fact its growing in popularity as lockdowns and restrictions life. In-store shopping is going nowhere. “60% of shoppers value the in-store experience because they want to interact with products in real life,” according to Shopify.  

• Despite 40% of consumers acknowledging that COVID-19 is a barrier to shopping in store, 55% see human connection and personal customer service as a benefit to in-person retail.  

Episode 3: Tim Peckover from

Customer loyalty begins offline and online. “8 out of 10 shoppers say buying local is important to them, with proximity (77%) and a desire to support local (60%) being their main reasons why.”

• Retailers can create community by meeting customers’ needs for human connection (47%) and personalized customer service (46%).

• The majority of Australian shoppers expect to be rewarded through loyalty programs, both online (71%) or in store (63%).  

Episode 4: Andrew Cargill from Zapiet

Zapiet experienced a growth of 300% more in 2020 compared with previous years, signaling the growth of click and collect and local delivery from and by Shopify merchants. In 2021, Zapiet saw Australia as the leading second country that most installed Zapiet to their Shopify site. In-store pickup, click and collect and all its variations are becoming more valuable as ecommerce grows in Australia.  

Australia is growing when it comes to ecommerce and shoppers are loving the value omnichannel retail has. The ability to shop online, or at a local brick-and-mortar location, lets customers know they have options on how they shop. It also gives Shopify merchants the opportunity to expand their reach and build a loyal following.